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What does Sankofa do?

About Us

Sankofa Community Connection is a 501(c) 3 organization based in Rhode Island.

Sankofa is forging a path through previously uncharted waters in order to achieve unprecedented results, through having frank discussions about race with community members, holding organizations accountable, providing Newport with Black female leadership, de-escalating conflict, and supplying locals with resources.
We use our knowledge, lived experiences, and ability to connect with the community on a deeper level to build a powerful coalition. This leadership also addresses the need for residents, community members and participants alike to see people that look like them leading and offering services. In this way, we are different from many traditional, larger non-profits; we look like the people we support, we share lived experiences, and we can provide personal empathy in tough situations.

Our distinctive capacity is exemplified in the way the community has come to trust us and see us as family. With Sankofa, many community members, particularly those of color, express that they feel uniquely safe and supported. They bring our leadership concerns they do not feel comfortable voicing elsewhere. We’ve had community members come to us as confidants, encouraged them to advocate for themselves and their families to seek and accept help, and acted as a communicative liaison between individuals and local bureaucracies (like the school system). In this way, we occupy a unique space in the city of Newport; to our knowledge, there is no other organization in the area currently filling these disparate and critically important roles in our community.


Since its inception, Sankofa Community Connection has inspired a change for the better in the community and is often sought out for its expertise in culturally relevant programming, educational materials and consultant services by community members, schools and various organizations.


To increase pride of place within the African American Community of Newport County , through a community-led initiative with  3 main focus areas: 1. Community events and gatherings to increase our social cohesion 2. Community Meetings where we discuss  the impact of institutional racism and racial oppression to promote dialogue and create solutions to the issues  3. Historical Education to reveal, honor and celebrate the cultural heritage of African Americans of early Newport.

Core Values

At Sankofa Community Connection, we strive to disrupt inequalities and injustice within our community and schools. Through our work, we will continue to bring awareness, encouragement and education to empower our community members that are not often heard.

Our Services

Everyone can make a difference

There are many different ways to support Sankofa Community Connection and many of them are free.
Please consider putting in just a small amount of your time.

Each of us doing our small part is what makes the world a truly better place for all.

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2 Broadway, Newport, RI 02840

[email protected]

Telphone: (401) 619-8040

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