Day of Renewal

Each year we host our “Day of Renewal”.
We do this to celebrate African American Culture & Diversity.

There are performance and festive activities people of all ages can enjoy. From drum and dance circles, to face painting, and even musical and speech performance from our amazing guest.

This page shows our past “Day of Renewal” events.

Hear what people have to say about their Day of Renewal

“We are looking forward to coming again this year! The kids had fun learning about the history and contributions of African Americans in Newport as well as experiencing fun cultural activities.”

“Yay looking forward to it! So important for all folks to come together and learn about and celebrate the incredible black heritage and history here in our city. All of the performers last year were incredible too 😍”

“Had a great time at last year’s Day of Renewal – beautiful community of people, fabulous music, fun participatory dancing, and uplifting speakers. Looking forward to attending again this year.”

“It was a wonderful day filled with Newport that I grew up in. Community unity and rich cultural diversity.”

“Much needed and WELL DONE! – a beautiful day. So gratifying to see the City Council declare it to be an annual event. Thank you,  and company. Looking forward to Day of Renewal ’18 with happy anticipation”

“This event is necessary and I’m glad my city is hosting it. We to the top 🌠👑🥇🏆💯.”

“We will be there with our head wraps on and new addition!!! 👶🏿”

“This was amazing last year. Rich and engaging!”

“This is definitely needed in our community, and I’m pumped to see our culture and history represented I this type of event that brings all ppl together. I loved the music, poetry, hair wraps, and resources. Can’t wait until next year!”

“Thank you, Niko and all who made this happen! Love our hometown Newport!! Look forward to partaking in the 2nd Annual- Day of Renewal 2018 in June this year!! Look forward to speaking with you soon. ;)”

“This is such a great event! I’m grateful for the opportunity to gather with the community and celebrate the culture. Looking forward to seeing my little girls enjoy the event too.”

“This was such a moving and powerful event last year. The Day of Renewal created a very special and sacred space in which education, inspiration, and celebration took place. I look forward to bringing my family back again this year. Thank you, Niko Merritt for everything that you have brought to so many who live in Newport. ”

“I absolutely loved this event! It is so important for us to celebrate our rich heritage and history. The vibe was so warm and welcoming and I appreciate my beautiful sister Niko Merritt for bringing the community together. Everyone in New England needs to come out for this sacred celebration.”

“This was an amazing event that I was honored to be a part of last year. We had powerful spoken word presenters, uplifting testimonies. I really felt proud having an event to celebrating our culture, heritage, and our future.”

“There were so many great things about this event last year. The speakers, the music, the knowledge, the traditions, the vendors, the community…As a white woman, it is really easy for me to not think about the amazing contributions POC have made to Newport’s history (my privilege) and this helped me see. This event was such a great example of what Newport CAN BE (and should be). Looking forward to seeing how many more people take the opportunity to check it out.”

“My family had an awesome time last year! We will definitely be there this year with more friends and family! The dancing, music, singers, great speakers, all the activity, positive atmosphere was just a great inspiring experience for my family. What a way to start our day with family! We met some really awesome people that touched our souls. Cant wait to see what’s in store for us this year😀”

“I can’t wait for the Day of Renewal! I participated in the March, dancing, and even got to meet new people! It was a great time to gather with like minded people from all different walks of life..everyone had something to give and take away! Count me in Niko!”

“I am so excited! This brought the commUNITY together across all ages, genders and races. It brought awareness to the rich history Newport has in America and help to continue to stories of our ancestors who fought for such freedom and celebration. I look forward to the experience again this year!!”